Applying to Spencer’s and other “Lovely” stores at the Mall,

I would love to work there or FYE. I’m going to apply to both tonight and then call next week. I really hope I get one of them. I really need a job and especially a summer one. I gotta start saving up. Plus, I gotta get rid of all my old art supplies,which unfortunately, are not not usable anymore. Art Supplies are expensive and if I wanna start selling my art work, I gotta get supplies and stock up on canvases and other supplies. Also, If I wanna start my own Clothing line,that’s going to cost money, although I’m in no rush to start it YET. I’m starting to lose weight and that means new clothes and that’s not cheap.ALSO I was thinking of doing driving school so I can FINALLY get my license and thats not cheap either :/

Basically in order for me to start getting shit done and bettering myself, I got to get a job. 

Time to get shit done. I gotta make it happen myself and stop waiting for opportunities.

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