attempting to work on my CI final so I put my itunes on shuffle and Man Overboard comes on.

And of course all the memories from Summer come rushing back, some good ones,some bad…..

It’s weird, I dont really listen to Pop Punk, especially lately…but I always like listening to Man Overboard.

Hmmmm, now looking back at it, was I really into “Pop Punk” or was I following a trend? 

I dont think I was following it. I do like Pop Punk. It’s just listening to most of it reminds me of a certain person who I rather not think about.

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I’m probably going to sound like a bitch right now but there are these rude ass people taking up way too much space in the lobby and are being loud and annoying. Plus, as I was walking through the lobby they were quite and stared and when I left they started talking again.

Really? Really?

Listen, not in the greatest of moods. I got a ton of work left to do for the last week of school and I’m stressed out and such.

So I saw my father today…..

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unpopular opinion…..

it’s so sick how people are brainwashed into believing everything the government and media say.

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my goodness, I see it now….

i dont know if you’ll see this but I want to apologize for putting you through that last year. It was such a horrible spot I put you in and it wasnt fair making you try to be friends with you know who for my sake.

also, I don’t know why I feel so angry. I guess I’m feeling left behind and forgotten.But I’m used to it by now and I’m not upset about it. Why? well because 1) thats life and 2) I can only control my actions.

Besides, why focus my time on that? Right now I need to focus on school and my art and possibly my career.

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So yesturday my internet was down and I didnt have my phone on me. I left it at my grandparents house (I was there friday night). I didnt freak out about leaving my phone because I figured no one would text/call me.  So Internet comes on today and I just checked my facebook….

and of course, some friends of mine were throwing my friend Erica a surprise birthday party last night! Erica’s friend messaged me about it but of course, I see the message too late -_-

and I cant even imagine how many notifications I have on my phone right now. I’m about to go pick it up now.

I feel so bad because I dont want my anyone to think I was ignoring them.

I guess from now on I ALWAYS have to keep my phone on me.

I’m sorry friends :(

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So tonight Larissa and I watched Dr. Who for the first time and I’ll I can say is I dont know why it took me so long to start watching it! We only watched 3 episodes but we loved it so far. Thank goodness for next netfix! We’re going to try and make it a weekly thing to get together and watch Dr. Who. 

There is 86 episodes on netflix……Yep, It’s probably going to take us all summer to get through it all!

Random Thoughts - 4/18/13

I’m so over it all. I guess I’m growing up? or I’m changing? I know I mentioned this before but I cannot believe how much I changed in the past year. It’s insane, it really is!

I’m not bitter or upset; It just interesting to me, How the smallest of things can cause a person to change something in their lives.

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I seriously need someone to give me some Happy Pills.

I just looked at that the class requirements for my major and saw that I need to make more classes then I had originally thought. Now I’m mentally freaking out because there is a chance I’m going to need another semester. I’m already graduating a year late (I’m suppose to be graduating this may) and to add another semester, just…..I don’t like it.

I have nothing against my college at all. I only had one problem and that is not the schools fault but a professors.

I dont know. I’m just feeling really stressed out. I’m WAY behind in math and Im not even in “regular” math; I’m in a lower math. My computer graphic classes are starting to get harder and I’m stressing over that. I knew that once I got done the core classes that it was only going to get harder but actually getting there is a bit scary. I’m feeling challenged and I dont know how I feel about that.

I’m also starting to doubt not only my design skills but my artistic skills as well. and I think that is taking one of the biggest tolls on me because my art and design are my life.

My chest hurts and I have a headache. I feel like I want to cry (sometimes when I’m frustrated, I cry)

I’m feeling burned out. Like crisped burn. I just want Summer Break to start because I need this break. I need it to rejuvenate.

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am I weird because I’m super excited and giddy because I downloaded some new fronts for photoshop? 

this is what being a graphic design student does to you.

Seriously, this is me right now…..

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am I weird?

whenever I find a blog that I like on tumblr, I am sometimes hesitant to follow them. Sometimes I dont even follow back. 

I will go through pages and pages of their blog and in the end, I dont follow……

Who even does that? 


I should be doing my color theory homework, which will keep me up Til late tonight…..

But I can’t stop watching this murder mystery D: